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Membership option and contribution

Anyone can support the Swan Fund, either as a Friend or by becoming a supporter.
Also one-time donations are very welcome.

Clubs, national associations and other organisations can join as clubmembers.

Friends are invited to visit the Korfball Finals of the Dutch Korfball Association (KNKV) as guest of the Swan Fund.
Friends, supporters and clubmembers get a free subscription of Korfball International, a magazine published by the International Korfball Federations (IKF).

Donations as Friend, Supporter or Clubmember are per calendar year, but you can apply/enter at any time by paying the required amount of money on our bank account:
IBAN: NL44 INGB 0003 5636 87 ING BANK - Doetinchem
Attention: Swan Fund
p/a Hackfort 29
7006 JB Doetinchem

Annual contributions:
- Friend € 135
- Supporter € 50
- Clubmember € 70
One-time donations are very welcome!!

Swan Fund is ANBI-recognised (registration number 816728550), because of that making donations to the Swan Fund may be tax deductible