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Project Conditions

Your request for a subsidy, preferably in not more than 2 pages, should be accompanied by:
  • a solid project plan describing your development program and timetable;
  • a detailed budget mentioning the contributions of other organisations (e.g. your Association, Government, IKF, sponsors) as the funds of the Swan Fund are limited;
  • How the project contributes to the Millenium Goals
After consultation of the International Korfball Federation the board of the Swan Fund will decide on (the amount of) the grant (see flow-chart assign grant).
You must report to the Swan Fund on the progress and the result of the project (also not more than 2 pages). Only if the final report, including the contribution to the Millennium Goals is received and approved the grant will be paid.
You can send your request and reports by E-mail attachment.
If you have a good plan that may support the international development of korfball and the Millennium Goals you can apply (Application Form Grant Swan Fund) for a subsidy to

The Swan Fund
Mr. Theo van der Linde, president
Berg en Bos 14
8051 AL Hattem
The Netherlands

or fill out the form below.
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    Please keep the attachment under 2Mb. If you want to send larger files, please us the e-mail address as specified above.