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When Adri Zwaanswijk, best known as “Swan”, ended his korfball career, The Swan Fund was founded. It’s aim was to continue Swan’s pioneering effects on the internationalisation of korfball.

The International Korfball Federation (IKF), the Dutch Korfball Association (KNKV) and Swan himself donated the initial financial base.

The Fund is maintained and expanded by contributions of friends, supporters and clubmembers of the Swan Fund.

The foundation date and place are September 29, 1992; Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
The Swan Fund is a non-profit organisation.

The aim of the Swan Fund is to promote and develop Korfball all over the world and support with these projects the UN Millennium Goals, http://www.undp.org/content/undp/en/home/mdgoverview.html


Board Swan Fund
The Board mostly meet 4 times a year to discuss organisation, fundings, projects and grants of the Swan Fund.

The actual board members are:
Theo van der Linde (president)
Alberdine Tesink (secretary/tresurer)
Helmi Langenhorst (IKF representative)
Cor Mantel (member)

Adri Zwaanswijk, “Swan”

Remuneration Policy

All activities are carried out by volunteers

Board members receive no payment for their activities

Board members do not receive a travel allowance


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