Friday, March 2, 2012

Minister Tai (TPE) expresses support of further korfball development

In a courtesy visit to the Chinese Taipei Sport Minister Ms Tai Hsia-Ling, the IKF President stressed the excellent collaboration between the Chinese Taipei Sport Affairs Council and the IKF over the past 25 years. The visit marked the 25th anniversary of the first visit of a Chinese Taipei korfball team abroad - their taking part in the the 1987 IKF World Championship in the Netherlands. Since then, the Chinese Taipei Sport Affairs Council has consistently supported the development of korfball in the East Asian island, amongst other acting twice as host for the IKF's U23 World Championship (in 1996 and in 2008). Mr Fransoo thanked Ms Tai for the long-standing support, and congratulated her on the success with hosting multisports events, such as The World Games in 2009 and the upcoming Universiade - World Student Games in 2017. Also, Mr Fransoo marked the promotion of Chinese Taipei to A-status in korfball, and the ambition of the Chinese Taipei Korfball Association to win the gold medal at the next IKF World Championship in 2015. Ms Tai pledged continued support for korfball in Taiwan, and in the wider Asian region, as IKF Asia has expressed ambition to obtain recognition by the Olympic Council of Asia in the near future.

IKF President Fransoo with Chinese Taipei Sport Minister Tai Hsia-Ling