Saturday, July 1, 2017

Financial report Swan Fund 2016

In 2016 the Swan Fund supported lots of projects for Development and Education of Korfball. 
Some projects started already in 2015 but we received the evaluation in 2016. 

Zimbabwe                                                                                                       € 1727
Mozambique                                                                                                   €  700
Ivory Coast                                                                                                     € 1000
Ghana                                                                                                             €   900
Kenya                                                                                                              €   500
Sri Lanka                                                                                                         € 1000

Contribution  for translation and production of
 the IKF Guide to Korfball Coaching in Portugese                                            1500                               

Gift Swan Fund equipment new IKF members 2015                                       € 3451
(Switzerland, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ghana,
 Ivory Coast, Sri Lanka, Phillipines, Cameroon, 
                                                                                                           TOTAL € 10778

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Korfball without Borders Festival

Korfball in Africa

From 8 to 12 December 2016, teams from Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi will participate in the "Korfball Without Borders Festival", a new korfball event included in the government's SRC Community Sports and Recreational Development Programme.

This festival is supported by the Swanfund

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Swanfund Financial report 2015

The Swanfund has published it's financial report for 2015
When you follow the link you will find the report

Thank you very much for the support

Swanfund financial report 2015

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Korfball starts in Kenya

From 21 till 27 February 2016 Korfball will be introduced in Kenya at MOI University in Eldoret.

The initiative for this introduction comes from Henk Penseel, former chairman of Archipel in Amsterdam and also former lecturer of two Universities of  Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. As a lecturer he had contact with the MOI University.

In cooperation with IKF DEC and Swan Fund a program for introduction of korfball in Kenya is made. Swan Fund will provide the needed equipment to start. The fund provides 4 korfs and 6 balls.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

9 new members !

At the agenda of IKF AGM in october 2015 nine applications for membership. The IKF Council has accepted these applications and recommends the General Meeting to ratify these approvals and confirm associate membership.

The recommended new members are:
a Philippines
b Ghana
c Costa Rica
d Colombia
e Ivory Coast
f Cameroun
g Switserland
h Sri Lanka
i Marocco

SWAN FUND like to welcome these new members with a present (4 korfs and some balls).
The countries attending the congress (Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka) received the present over there, the others will get their korfs and balls after the AGM.

If you or your organisation is willing to support SWAN FUN to continue helping development of korfbal worldwide please donate money on our bank account:
IBAN: NL44 INGB 0003 5636 87 ING BANK - Doetinchem
Attention: Swan Fund
p/a Hackfort 29
7006 JB Doetinchem

Mr. Theo van der Linde, president of the Swanfund hands over the korffs and balls to the representatives of Costa Rica, Ivory Coast and Sri Lanka


Friday, October 16, 2015

Financial Report Swanfund 2014

The Swanfund has published it's financial report for 2014
When you follow the link you will find the report
Thank you very much for the support

Financial Report Swanfund 2014

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sri Lanka korfball introduction

Sri Lanka korfball introduction

Sri Lanka korfball introduction

Date posted: Friday, July 4, 2014

A new korfball country starts to plan its arrival in the international korfball family. During period from 29 May – 9 June 2014 IKF instructors Mr Erik Buizer (The Netherlands) and Mr Pardeep Dahiya (India) visited Sri Lanka to run a joint project sponsored by IKF Development and Education Committee and Swan Fund. The program was designed under guidance from former player and physiotherapist of the U23 Dutch team, Mrs José van Nunspeet. She cooperates with children’s Rehabilitation Centre Home of Hope in the city of Alluthwatte.

In the first weekend an “IKF Level I – Introduction to korfball Course” took place with a group of 30 participants including 11 physical education teachers representing 9 different schools. Participants in the course will start the practice of korfball in Kandy (25 km. from Home of Hope) and some of schools in Digana (5 km. from Home of Hope). In Sri Lanka most sport activities are held in the schools. The rest of the group were young and enthusiastic students between 18-25 years. They will try to become the first team playing in international korfball events for Sri Lanka. We hope they can participate in the upcoming Asian universitarian tournaments.

During the rest of the week the sports facilities of Home of Hope were used to teach korfball to different groups. Every day the 85 children in the school could play. At the same time Colombo International School from Kandy participated in some introduction as well.
After introductions both institutions played a game with symbolic meaning, as it was the first ever korfball match in Sri Lanka.

Next steps for korfball in Sri Lanka are in the hands of Mrs José van Nunspeet and local Dr. Asela Ratnayake, a orthopaedic and sports doctor who followed the course and became very enthusiastic with the possibilities of korfball in his country. Hopefully the network of teachers attending the course will start regular practice during the year and finally the first korfball school tournament can be organised. This would be the perfect set up for the start of a new korfball organization in Asia.
  • IKF Level I course. Sri Lanka 2014.3
  • Practice with children of Home of Hope . 2014