Friday, March 7, 2014

Empower women in Nepal with Korfball

Korfball Federation of Nepal organized IKF Level I Coach/Referee Course in 28-30 Nov 2013. The course was held in National stadium semi covered hall at tripuresheshower Kathmandu.

Goals of the project (as described by the local stakeholders) :
This project contributes to achieve Millennium goals -Promote Gender Equality and Empower women
Korfball is a excellent sport where we can see immediately girls and boys playing together and with a good level of cooperation.
Korfball  can help to those areas where poverty it is a reality and there are not much conditions for students to practice sports. Special the girls in school have not many opportunities to participate in sport activities because of cultural influence.

After this course we have  minimum 6 female coaches/Referees of good level Korfball Coaching/Referees Skill
Within two month after projects they will engaged in school korfball team

With this support of the Swan Fund we can bring the possibility of equal access to education and supports in to this areas where it is so needed.

Results of the project:
Total 23 Active people take this course newly and 7 other participated this course repeat among of them 7 Female took part which our target of this project is 6 so we reach the goal of project. Total 20 hours tutorial and practice session in the course and at last General Secretary of Communist Party of Nepal’s General Secretary Mr.  C.P. Mainali Distributed certificate to participants at closing ceremony.all the participants and instructor express their views at closing ceremony.


Brazil wins Pan American Korfball title and qualifies for IKF World Korfball Championship

Date posted: Sunday, February 2, 2014

With a clear and deserved 20-10 victory over Colombia, Brazil has won the First IKF Pan American Championship, and has qualified for next year’s IKF World Korfball Championship in Belgium.

Following yesterdays golden goal victory against Colombia, Brazil was a light favorite for the title, but a close match was expected. The first 15 minutes Colombia was the better team. Despite the considerable length disadvantage, Colombia daring took the lead with a goal by Stephanie Canizales. Brazil had difficulty keeping the score level in the first 15 minutes, due to the tight defense, but also avoided the Colombian women making the large number of goals that they made yesterday. Michele Iatarola and David Ferreira lead the Brazilian scorelist with 5 each, and Juan Lerma topped the Colombia list with 4. Brazil’s women performed very well in defense, keeping the Colombian women to only 3 goals, while they scored 8 between them.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Annual report 2012

The Swanfund has published it's anual report voor 2012.
You can download a copy from here:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Year of Youth Africa Zone VI U19 korfballevent

From Tuesday 24 September till Sunday 29 September the big African Year of Youth Festival will be held in Harare, Zimbabwe.
It is the first time ever there is an IKF Africa continental event where all Zone VI countries will participate. Coach and referee clinics will be conducted. Further there is a tournament for representing U19 teams of Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Malawi, Botswana and Mozambique. All countries are preparing their teams to be able to get a good result. As side event a korfball tournament for primary schools of Harare will be held. This primary school event is sponsored by the Swan Fund.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Succesfull Korfball Tour in Cameroon

Between 27 April and 13 May Dutch trainers Joost Preuninger (Fortuna) and Sirk Jan Drost (VIKO) made a tour through three regions in Cameroon. This was a sequel and expansion of the initiative Mark Tissink had developed last year. The intention was to present korfball to a wider audience and create a vision on future developments. Two forms of compact games were introduced in the form of Mono Korfball and Zone Korfball. With these two new modes korfball will be a cheap and flexible sport that fits a country like Cameroon.

In Yahounde 35 students from 'Halo' and several sport trainers from Yaounde and Bertoua attended a two day workshop. They were instructed on the basics of korfball and practiced their skills.

In Bamenda 103 students from 'Cios' from this city and from Dschang attended clinics at the Cios for two days.


The tour finished in Bafang, where several clinics were organised on elementary schools and colleges. The final preparation of the Korfball Challenge, during the Mini Olympics, were attended by 110 childeren.

And a challenge it was: 22 teams competed in the Challenge. The experienced trainers organised a great program that the children enjoyed a lot. The winning team of the colleges came from Cetic de Batcho, in the elementary competition the Ecole Catholique St. Josehp De Nguenack has won.

Many thanks to our sponsors IKF, SwanFund, Spoca Sportprijzen, Korfbalvereniging ACKC en VIKO, NL, Sport en Recreatie Rotterdam, onze trainers Joost Preuninger en Dirk Jan Drost, and our partners in Cameroon AJA en ACK.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Annual Report 2011

The Annual report of the Swanfund for 2011 is published. As a service to our members and readers, we have two language versions. Please download the version that suits you:

Friday, March 2, 2012

Minister Tai (TPE) expresses support of further korfball development

In a courtesy visit to the Chinese Taipei Sport Minister Ms Tai Hsia-Ling, the IKF President stressed the excellent collaboration between the Chinese Taipei Sport Affairs Council and the IKF over the past 25 years. The visit marked the 25th anniversary of the first visit of a Chinese Taipei korfball team abroad - their taking part in the the 1987 IKF World Championship in the Netherlands. Since then, the Chinese Taipei Sport Affairs Council has consistently supported the development of korfball in the East Asian island, amongst other acting twice as host for the IKF's U23 World Championship (in 1996 and in 2008). Mr Fransoo thanked Ms Tai for the long-standing support, and congratulated her on the success with hosting multisports events, such as The World Games in 2009 and the upcoming Universiade - World Student Games in 2017. Also, Mr Fransoo marked the promotion of Chinese Taipei to A-status in korfball, and the ambition of the Chinese Taipei Korfball Association to win the gold medal at the next IKF World Championship in 2015. Ms Tai pledged continued support for korfball in Taiwan, and in the wider Asian region, as IKF Asia has expressed ambition to obtain recognition by the Olympic Council of Asia in the near future.

IKF President Fransoo with Chinese Taipei Sport Minister Tai Hsia-Ling